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Scratches, Dents, Watermarks and Burns

“Wear and tear” can include anything from a simple scratch to minor heat and water damage. Don't worry. Furniture Medic of Calgary can handle minor damage in all its forms including dents, scratches, water damage and much more.

Our furniture restoration technicians easily deal with minor repairs through our touch-up service. Touch-ups focus on gouges, scratches, veneer chips, scuffs, dents, dings, and missing veneer to name a few.

At Furniture Medic of Calgary, we know which products and techniques will achieve the results you expect. Our team works with a variety of stains, adhesives, fillers and other finishes to take on projects of all shapes and sizes. Examples include: light dents and damage on dressers and tables, watermarks left on wood surfaces as well as heat stains from hot plates or food.

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Furniture Medic of Calgary Frame Repairs Furniture Medic of Calgary Frame Repairs