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Frame Repairs

Replacement of furniture due to structural damage can be costly. Our repairs are designed to save you money. By doing our repairs without changing the upholstery, we can keep your furniture structurally sound for everyday use.

Using the arms of a sofa as a seat can sometimes cause the wooden rails to crack and warp. This deteriorates the structural integrity of the sofa, but is something that can easily be repaired by.

Included structural repairs:

  • Broken spring rails
  • Wooden frame work
  • Missing castors
  • Broken legs and feet of assorted pieces
  • Cross threaded fittings can be replaced
  • Damaged headboards
  • And more

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please contact Furniture Medic of Calgary at 403-238-8741.

Furniture Medic of Calgary Frame Repairs Furniture Medic of Calgary Frame Repairs