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Upholstery and Leather Furniture Repairs and Restoration

Leather Scratch Repairs

Pet's nails, pens, keys and just about anything sharp are all hazards to your leather furniture. It doesn't take much to cause a small tear or scratch in the leather and Furniture Medic of Calgary is more than happy to help. Whether its colour matching, broken stitching or any other minor damage, our skilled leather furniture repair specialists correct the issue on-site for complete peace of mind, every time.

Furniture Medic of Calgary Leather Scratch Repairs

Furniture Medic of Calgary Leather Scratch Repairs
Upholstery Filling Replacement

Even if you take great care of your leather furniture, over time you may see the filling begin to fade, droop, sag or look lumpy. Furniture Medic of Calgary provides filling replacement for seat cushions as well as arms and backs of your leather furniture.

When it comes to leather furniture repairs, trust the experts at Furniture Medic of Calgary to get the job done right. Contact us today at 403-238-8741 or complete our online quote for a quote.