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Hardwood flooring looks great but unless you plan to tiptoe around your home, your floor will pick up little dents, dings and other blemishes over time. The team at Furniture Medic of Calgary can restore your floor to its former glory.

Whether the damage is at your office after countless staff and clients walking through or the living room of your home, we can make a difference you'll notice. After all, your floor goes through a lot and when it looks like new, it sends a strong message that you care about your environment.

Furniture Medic of Calgary can apply touch-ups to small chips and scuffs as well as colour match when necessary. Our experts restore flooring, oak treads, staircases and other wood surfaces right on-site, while enjoy complete peace of mind with Furniture Medic of Calgary. Our on-site wood flooring restoration services mean you can see how efficiently we work with minimal disruptions to your daily activities.

Contact Furniture Medic of Calgary today at 403-238-8741 or complete our online quote for your free quote!

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